Ark 57
The Ark of the Covenant or The Ark is a golden container that, according to legend, could level mountains and destroy entire regions. In 1936 the Nazis planned on acquiring the ark to rule the world.

It was located in The Well of the Souls until 1936 when Sallah and Indiana Jones found it.

In the Indiana Jones series Edit

The Ark of the Covenant plays a key role in the first Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It appears on the wall as a carving in the underground Venice sewer in the Last Crusade

It appears in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when it's crate is smashed open in Hangar 51.

In Lego Indiana JonesEdit

The Ark of the Covenant is included in one LEGO set: The Lost Tomb.

In Lego Indiana Jones Games Edit

It appears in The Original Adventures (Opening the Ark) and The Adventure Continues (Belloq Battle). It also appears in the level Hangar Havoc in the Adventure Continues. If you go past the first gate, there's a ladder. Go up the ladder and at the top, you'll be able to see it. Things will float around it before it suddenly explodes.