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Bandit Swordsman
Weapon(s) Sword

Bandit Swordsman, also known as Cairo Swordsman, is a character in Raiders of the Lost Ark. He confronted Indiana Jones in Cairo, but he was shot by him while showing off his sword skills. He wore black robes and used a sword to take out his enemies.


LEGO Indiana Jones Movie

  • City of Tanis (Died)

LEGO Indiana Jones TV Series

  • Tanis Teasers (Died)

LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures

  • City of Danger (Boss DS Version Only) (Died)

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues

  • Market Mayhem (Enemy Boss Died) 

In Lego Indiana Jones

The Bandit Swordsman appears as a generic enemy in one area and in the outro of City of Danger where he tries to kill Indy but he is shot and killed by him while showing off his sword skills.

He can be bought for 25,000 studs after completing the level.

In the Wii version, he can be bought for 12,500 studs.

He appears a lot more in the DS version of the game where he's a boss at the end of Cairo Street Fight. He is known as the Cairo Swordsman in this version.

Boss Fight

The Cairo Swordsman is fought at the end of Cairo Street Fight. When the battle starts, Indy has to fight a couple of enemies until a Gun appears. Grab the gun and shoot the Swordsman so that he jumps down from the ledge that he's on. When he gets down he will knock your gun away. After he's been punched a couple of times, he jumps back to the ledge he is on. Repeat this process a couple of times and he will be defeated.

After completing the level, he can be bought for 250,000 studs.