Barnett College acts as the hub for Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, and is also the college Indy works at. He is currently working here and he has worked here since 1937. The college has the following rooms:

  • The Main Hall, where you select your next level (where you end up at after the levels you play)
  • The Library, where you can buy new characters (located at the first door on the left side)
  • The Classroom, here you can enter secret codes on the chalkboard (middle door to the left of the hallway)
  • The Theatre, you can view all of your past cutscenes (last door on the left of the Hallway)
  • The Artifact Room, where you view your artifacts from different levels (located on the right side of the top stairs)
  • The Courtyard, a place where you can get studs very easily by destroying a lot of things (located on the right side of the hallway, it's where there's no door)
  • The Mail Room, where you can buy your extras from the levels you've played (located at the first door on the right side of the hallway)
  • Indy's Office, here you can solve puzzles and blow things up to get the key dubbed Key you put in the artifact room you can also use your weapons in this room (it's the second door on the right side of the Hallway)
  • The Art Room, where you can make your own characters and is the other place you can use your weapons (it's located at the end of the Courtyard)
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