I got the sheriff
Real Name Herman Müller
Phobia(s) Snakes
Boy Scout or Fat Boy Scout (whose real name is Herman Müller) was a boyscout from Utah. In 1912 he was walking into a strange cave with Young Indiana Jones and found a Camp, and saw four men looting and trying to find artifacts and sell them for money. And one of the men named Fedora found the legendary Cross of Coronado. The men were about to bring the cross back when Indy had a plan to get it. Herman helped by holding a rope while Indy tried to reach it. But instead of succeeding to flee with it, both scouts fell into the Camp and were surrounded by the men. The scouts did escape on horseback and later on, climbed onto a circus train. The scouts were safe until Indy soon got the fear of snakes like Herman and then later escaped from a lion with Indy's bullwhip. And the boys soon escaped Fedora when they climbed into a magic box and disappeared in it. Fedora soon opened the door of the caboose and saw both boys running the opposite side of the train tracks.

Later, Herman and Indy ran into Indy's house and tried to tell Henry Jones Sr. what had happened. Until the sheriff came and asked to give the cross back to Fedora. The boy was disappointed to let the cross fall into the wrong hands. But, Fedora rewarded Indy's bravery by placing his hat upon his head, which would soon become the young adventurer's trademark. The Cross was given to the Panama hat man.

In Lego Indiana Jones Edit

He is a character that appears in the secret level series: Young Indy. He shares the phobia of snakes like Indiana Jones does. Herman Müller carries a bugle. He falls over when he double jumps.