Chattar Lal
Dr. Jones, in our country, it's not usual for a guest to insult his host
Skill(s) Thuggee Access

Chattar Lal was the Prime Minister of Pankot and the tertiary antagonist in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Lal was secretly a fanatical member of the murderous Thuggee. He had a short fight with Indiana Jones when he tried to stop Jones from saving Willie Scott. The battle ended when Indy threw Lal on the big wheel that was used for lowering down Willie to a big pool of lava where she would be incinerated and work as a sacrifice to Kali. The Wheel almost crushed him when it kept rolling and it was his body that stopped it, saving Willie. He appeared to survive the destruction of the temple, though a death scene was filmed for him in which he falls into the lava below.

In LEGO® Indiana Jones

Chattar Lal appeared in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures in cutscenes and as a boss. He first appeared when Indy, Willie and Short Round arrived at the Pankot Palace where he bid them welcome. He was later questioned by Indy during dinner about the Sankara stones and the Thuggees but Chattar Lal claimed that he knew nothing about. After eating, Lal felt that Indy knew too much and sent Pankot Assassins at him (without Indy knowing it was he who had sent them, though.) He later fought Indy in the Temple of Doom where he was killed when Indy triggered the heated floors Lal was on, making him explode.


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