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Weapon(s) Machine Gun

Chen appears in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and is one of Lao Che's sons and Kao Kan's brother. He kills Wu Han with his revolver but he is in turn killed by Indiana Jones by impaling him on a skewer of pigeon flambé moments later.

In Lego Indiana Jones

He appears in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures in the intro of Shanghai Showdown. In this version, Chen does not die as in the film; instead, he was last seen laughing with Lao Che and Kao Kan after poisoning Indiana Jones. He doesn't appear with Kao Kan and Lao Che when Indy escapes from Shanghai. The reason for this is unknown. Like any Chinese gangster, his weapon is a Machine Gun.

After completing Shanghai Showdown, Chen can be bought for 18,000 studs.