Colonel Dietrich
Colonel Dietrich
Dr. Jones, surely you don't think you can escape from this island!
Real Name Herman Dietrich
Weapon(s) Pistol
Skill(s) Soldier Access

Herman Dietrich was a Nazi officer who was assigned to help retrieve the Ark of the Covenant for Adolf Hitler. He appears as the tertiary antagonist in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues but isn't a boss in either of the games.

In Lego Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresEdit

Dietrich appears in the game Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures as one of the playable characters but isn't a boss. Dietrich doesn't appear until the end of the Pursuing the Ark level, where he is with Belloq and Toht inside the car that Indy rammed with a truck. He again appears in Opening the Ark, where he and Toht aim pistols at Indy and Marion. Dietrich dies when his head shrinks while discovering the Ark's true power. He is armed with a pistol and has the ability to access special areas by making a guard inside a booth open the door for you. Dietrich can be bought for 50,000 studs after completing the Into the Mountains level.

Dietrich in Lego Digital Designer

In Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure ContinuesEdit

In Lego Indiana Jones 2, Dietrich goes and hides inside a lightning-proof barrel when Belloq is transformed into a Lightning monster by the Ark of the Covenant. This was because the game needed each main boss to become or control a giant, supernatural being. In this case, Belloq becoming a lightning monster. Dietrich is also a playable character in the game. Now, he has a bazooka, just like in the Nintendo DS version of Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.



  • Dietrich is the only of the three main villains in raiders that is never fought as a boss.
  • Dietrich is never seen in-game.
  • He has the least screen time of the three villains in raiders.
  • He was acted out by Wolf Kahler.