Dr. Elsa Schneider
Elsa Render
"That's how Austrians say 'Goodbye'"
Real Name Dr. Elsa Schneider
Weapon(s) Fists
Skill(s) Academic Access
Phobia(s) Rats

Elsa Schneider is an Austrian archaeologist with blonde hair who has a phobia of rats.

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Dr. Elsa Schnieder was an Austrian Nazi spy who traveled to Venice, Italy and appeared to Indiana Jones in 1938. She claimed and tried to prove to Indy that she was really on his side by helping him find the tomb of Sir Richard. She was revealed a Nazi when Indy and Elsa went to Brunwald Castle on the Austrian- German border when Colonel Vogel almost shot her in the head and declared he'd kill her. She escaped with Indy's Father's grail diary and left for Berlin, Germany. She was later found by Indy and he threatened to choke her. She handed the diary over to Indy, who fled from Germany with the diary.

Later Elsa appeared in Desert Ambush in the Hatay desert in a black convertible. She soon got driven to the Temple of the Grail holding a pistol aiming her target at Marcus Brody and Sallah. And Walter Donovan aimed his own pistol at Indy and threatened to make Indy find the grail for him. When Indy said he wouldn't, Donovan shot his father with a pistol and threatened for Indy to get the grail for him again.

Elsa later tried to follow Indy through the flying traps with Donovan trying to get the grail themselves. Elsa and Walter Donovan soon entered the end of the temple where the Grail was hidden and asked the Grail Knight which was the grail. The grail knight told them they had to choose one. Elsa volunteered to choose the grail. She handed Donovan the false grail and he began to age rapidly in front of Elsa.

Indy soon chose a handmade wooden grail and drank the water from it. And all the wounds on his body began to heal, and the grail knight said he chose wisely. When Elsa and Indy exited, Indy gave his father some of the left-over water inside it and the shot from Donovan healed. Greedy, and anxious to escape with the grail, Elsa took the grail from Indy and his father and crossed the great seal. And all of the temples began to break down. And Elsa fell into a chasm, leading to her death far below. She does not die in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues video game.

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