Enemy Butler
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Weapon(s) None

The Enemy Butler was a character in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He was working as the butler in Brunwald Castle. When Indiana Jones and Dr. Elsa Schneider arrived at the castle, Indy tried to get past the butler by claiming that he was the Scottish Lord MacDonald but this didn't work on the butler, so Indy punched him unconscious to get past.

The Enemy Butler was played by Vernon Dobtcheff.


LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures Edit

  • Castle Rescue (Punched)

LEGO Indiana Jones 3: The Final AdventuresEdit

  • Hassle in the Castle (Punched)

LEGO Indiana Jones MovieEdit

  • Castle Rescue

LEGO Indiana Jones TV SeriesEdit

  • Hassle in the Castle (Punched)

In Lego® Indiana Jones Edit

The Enemy Butler is a playable character in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. He was the butler of Castle Brunewald. When Indy and Elsa got there, they had disguises so that the butler wouldn't know that it was them as he worked for the Nazis. The butler didn't let them in though even though that they had their disguises on so Indy punched him once which was enough to knock him unconscious.

After completing Castle Rescue, he can be bought in the library as a playable character for 15,000 studs. Enemy Butler is similar to the Lego character of Alfred on Batman Lego, but with no moustaches.