You fight hard kid, but that belongs to me.
Real Name Garth
Weapon(s) Pistol

Garth (also known as Fedora, because of the hat he wore) was a treasure hunter who, along with his gang of other treasure hunters, was hired by a shady businessman to find the Cross of Coronado but a young Indiana Jones tried to stop him.

In 1912, a young Indiana Jones found Garth and his treasure hunters retrieving the Cross of Coronado in a cave in the Utah desert. Indy took it from Fedora and brought it to his father's house. Fedora followed him, but Indy refused to give the Cross of Coronado back to Fedora. But he got it back when the sheriff arrived, who forced Indiana to give the artifact back to him a while later. But in a sign of respect for the young adventurer, Fedora gave Indy his hat, little did he know it would soon become the hero's trademark.

In LEGO® Indiana Jones: The Video Game


He appears in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

Fedora appears in the game, but only during cutscenes of the secret level Young Indy, one of the three bonus levels in the game. Just like in the movie, he's found the Cross of Coronado but it isn't clear why he did it. He sends his fellow treasure hunters at Indy to get the Cross back after it's been taken away from him. Fedora later catches up with him in a circus train when Indy uses a magician's box to get out of the train without being seen. Fedora does see him outside the train, though, but he can't run after him as the train is moving. The Fedora in the game is made of a LEGO piece similar to the LEGO Indiana Jones figure.

After completing the level, Fedora can be bought in the library for 50,000 studs. He wears Indy's hat and uses a gun as his offensive weapon.

He can also be unlocked by entering the following cheat code: V75YSP.

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