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Enemy Boxer
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Hey thin man!
Weapon(s) Fists

The German Mechanic is a character in the first Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. He was a very strong, muscular man who fought Indiana Jones when he tried to steal an airplane from the Nazis. The mechanic died horribly when he was blindsided by a propeller on the airplane.

Enemy Boxer fight Indiana Jones

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

The German Mechanic appears in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures as an enemy boss at the end of the level Pursuing the Ark. He died like in the film by being blindsided by one of the plane's propellers but he is only decapitated and doesn't seem to die as he is seen running after his head after it's been chopped off. Like Indy, he has special attacks he can use which consist of swinging the character around and suplexing the character

He can be bought in the library as a playable character after you defeat him in the level Pursuing the Ark for 25,000 studs. Enemyboxer90px.gif

Original Adventures Boss Fight:

The German mechanic looks easy enough, just fist fight with him. But that's a bad approach. He's invulnerable to your fists! But not anvils, though. Pick up the one off to the side, and run right up to him. He'll punch it, injuring himself. After this, he'll call a truck full of Nazi's for help. It's best to run by them, but if you can't, kill one, grab his pistol, and shoot the rest. Whether you have or haven't killed the Nazis, go to the plane. Press B to shoot explosives. Use these to destroy the Nazi's truck. Then, jump out and use the pieces to build another anvil. Then, get up in the boss' face. He'll hit it, hurting himself. He'll call more Nazi's. Repeat the second strategy, shoot, build, walk up close.

Hearts: 3

Powers: Invincibility

Interesting Fact: The German Mechanic can't leave the ring, so if you need a break or a heart, go out there, and do or get whatever you need.

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In the Sequel

His boss battle does not appear in the sequel but he (and the Flying Wing) can still be bought in the hub.


  • He is called Enemy Boxer in the game
  • He was played by Pat Roach in the movie