LZ-138 was a German Zeppelin from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indiana Jones and Henry Jones, Sr. tried to leave Nazi Germany with it, but they didn't succeed because the airship turned back to return to Germany. The LZ-138 had an attachment piece for an aeroplane, like the American airships of the 1930s. The aircraft it carries is a Tigermoth with a machine gun mounted on the back.

In real life Edit

There was no Zeppelin called LZ-138 in reality. The final Zeppelin that was made in real life was the LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin II. LZ-138 bears a great similarity to the infamous Zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg.

In Lego Indiana Jones Edit

LZ-138 makes an appearence in the game. It appears to be in it's "Legofied" form, with an envelope consisted of Lego plates. It has no swastika in it's tail fins, nor any kind of logo or mark. The gondola (control car) of the ship is located in the middle of the ship's belly, unlike in the movie.