Lao Che
Lao Che
"And now, you give me the diamond."
Weapon(s) Machine Gun

Lao Che is a gangster. Lao Che is featured in Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom.

He is a Chinese crime lord who tried to double-cross Indiana Jones to get the Peacock's Eye and the Ashes of Nurhaci.

Lao Che is in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. His weapon is a Machine Gun.

On the Xbox 360, you will get Achievements if you destroy Indy with Lao Che (Goodbye, Dr. Jones) and if you destroy Lao Che with Indy (Nice Try, Lao Che).

He wanted to kill Indiana Jones. His two sons are named Kao Kan and Chen.
Lao Che

Custom Lao Che.


Lao Che and his son, Chen.

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