The online game is in the Lego Indiana Jones website. Here are the levels.


Level 1:Boulder SceneEdit

You have to run from a boulder.There is also a tutorial.

Level 2:I Hate SnakesEdit

This time,there are snakes chasing you through The Well of the Souls.

Level 3:Chasing The TreasureEdit

This time you have to get onto a truck without dropping the treasure .There is a new feature called "Blue highlights".

Level 4:Motorcycle ChaseEdit

There are now german soldiers chasing you .You are Indy's dad in a double motorbike.


  • Drag the mouse onto coins to gain them.
  • Click on red highlighted objects on the right time to avoid them.
  • Click on green highlighted objects for extras.
  • Click on blue highlighted objects to go to a direction you choose.