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Marion Ravenwood
You are not the man I knew 10 years ago.

Marion Ravenwood in her default costume.

Marion 'Mary Williams' Ravenwood appeared in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and in its successor LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. Her father, Abner Ravenwood was trying to find clues to guide him to the Ark of the Covenant, instead, he died in a terrible avalanche. But before he left, he did leave his daughter Marion in charge of their bar: THE RAVEN in 1936. She appeared in Into the Mountains in The Original Adventures.

She was from Chicago and went to the University of Chicago for college and met Indiana Jones there. After ten years, Indy visited her in the bar and asked for one of the pieces Abner found. But Marion said she did know which one but lied that she didn't know where it was. Indy owed three thousand dollars to Marion for trying to find the headpiece. Marion didn't trust Indy, she then said to leave the bar and come the next day.

Marion soon was visited by Major Toht who also asked to have it. When she refused, Toht threatened to torture Marion. But Marion was rescued by Indy. The bar burned down, but Marion gave the headpiece to Indy. Marion also appeared in City of Danger and The Well of Souls. She also was in Pursuing the Ark, and helped Indy battle a German mechanic. She was left behind to ride down a path while Sallah and Indy went by themselves to get the ark back. In Opening the Ark, Marion was captured by Oberst (colonel) Dietrich and went to the Nazis. Indy rescued her, then went out to find the Nazis and the Ark.

But Indy and Marion failed to get the ark back from the Nazis right away. They soon were tied up by a pole. Marion was alarmed when Indy shouted, "Marion, don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don't look at it no matter what happens."

Marion listened but didn't at all notice the Nazis were being shredded apart. The ark soon was taken to Washington D.C. and was crated and hidden in a warehouse with a million other crates.

After twenty-one years of absence, Marion appeared in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and helped Indy once again but figure the mystery of the Crystal Skull with her teenage son, "Mutt" Williams.

Marion in the Crystal Skull

In LEGO Indiana Jones

Marion Ravenwood appears in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures as a playable character. She can jump slightly higher than other characters. You unlock her in Chapter 2: Into the Mountains (Raiders of the Lost Ark). She is the daughter of Abner Ravenwood.