Marshall College is a college located in Bedford, Connecticut.

In the filmsEdit

Marshall College is home to Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr, lecturer in archeology and antiquities - aka Indiana Jones, reckless adventurer and acquirer of treasures.

The "day job" at Marshall pays for Indiana's adventures. Marshall is also home to Indiana's friend and colleague, museum curator Marcus Brody and Associate Dean and Dean Stantforth, who provide research assistance and frequently purchase some of the minor artifacts Indy brings home. Associate Dean and Dean Stantforth eventually started working at Barnett College.

Marshall College is also known as Marshall university. Indy worked here until 1937, when he moved to Barnett College.

The college is named for Lucas' producer and friend Frank Marshall.

In the gamesEdit

Marshall College is in a video for the second level in Raiders in the first game. In the second game it is in the fourth level for crystal skull.

Appearances in Lego Edit