This is the last level in Raiders of the Lost Ark. You must escape the first area and get to Belloq, Indy attempts to fire a Bazooka at TohtBelloq, and Colonel Dietrich, but Marion says 'Youwhoo!' and The bad guys turn around and Belloq laughs. Then you must use Marion to get to the first ledge and punch him once, the villain doesn't like being hit and flees to another ledge. Then you must assemble a platform and a rope will appear. Climb the ladder to get to the platform on the right side of the rope and Indy jumps onto the rope automatically. Punch Belloq again. He flees to his final ledge, switch to Indy and go over to the steps leading up and whip a platform down to the steps connecting them to the Ledge, climb the steps and punch him again. Belloq then makes his stand by the Ark. Punch him again. Then Toht and Colonel Dietrich show up again. Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones are tied up. Belloq, Toht, and Colonel Dietrich open the Ark of the Covenant. But, spirits fly out of the Ark, Holy Fire is unleashed, and a whirlwind occurs. Belloq, Toht, Dietrich, and company are dissolved by the power of God, allowing Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones to bring the Ark home.

Characters you can buy after you complete this level: Belloq (Robes), Toht, and Colonel Dietrich

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