Satipo Johnson
"Let us hurry, there is nothing to fear here"
Skill(s) Digging

Satipo was Indiana Jones' guide at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. When Indy got the idol, he accidentally activated the traps and they escaped the temple. Then they came across a pit in the ground. Satipo went first, and Indy was on the other side. "Throw me the whip!" said Indy. "First, the idol." was Satipo's reply. "The whip!" "First, the idol!" Indy relunctantly threw Satipo the idol, but all he did was say, "Adios, senior." and dropped the whip. Indy made it across, and was running to escape and came across Satipo. He had met his death by making a fatal mistake: he forgot that the traps were still active! Like Forrestal, he ran through the beams of light and was impaled by arrows.

In Lego Indiana JonesEdit


"I don't know."

In the game, Satipo possesses the Digging ability, which allows him to excavate items that are buried in the ground. He can also use his shovel as a weapon. In the Lost Temple level, Satipo does not die as in the film; instead, he survives the tunnel and sides with Belloq (Jungle) when he and Indy escape the temple.

Satipo is the secondary starting character in the game.

Avatar Satipo