The Well of Souls is the 4th level in Raiders of the Lost Ark for Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. You play as Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, or Sallah. Enemies in this level are snakes, Scarabs, and a showdown with a Giant Viper that occurs midways. You use torches for most of the level, and Indy is afraid of the snakes, freezing him for a short time. Use Sallah or Marion to stomp them or use a torch to scare them off. In the Viper showdown, dodge the snake's venomous spit and use torches to throw them at it. Rinse and repeat until finished. Then stack the bits that remain to form a lift. Board the lift and push the block till your finished.

Enemies in this level include:

Characters unlocked:

Unlocked characters to purchase:

Previous Level: City of Danger

Next Level: Pursuing the Ark


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