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This is the walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The Lost Temple

Watch the cut scene of Indiana Jones and his group searching for the Temple of the Golden Idol.

You start as Indiana Jones with Satipo as your sidekick.

During this level, the game will explain the mechanics so read the messages at the bottom of the screen.

The first treasure is behind the tree on the left.
The first of three golden totems is further left and must be dug out. Luckily Satipo has a shovel.
Continue right collecting studs along the way.
Eventually, there will be a spot with a bunch of heads. Destroy one of the heads and dig up the second golden totem.
Continue going right until the game explains the orange pull/push handles. Look for a ladder near the bottom of the screen. Climb down the ladder and head left. Dig up the third golden totem.
This will reveal the second treasure.
Push one button then the other to open the door and continue to the right.
After crossing the water on the raft, the third treasure is hidden behind a tree.
Make your way left past the tree over the rocks to find a lever to pull. The game will tell you which button will pull the lever. This opens a gate behind the waterfall. Head back to the raft and pilot your way into the waterfall. The fourth treasure is on the right and up.
Go back to the rocks and land on the right. Some big spiders drop down to attack you. Be careful of the spikes coming out of the ground. They can, however, be grabbed and used as a weapon!
Inside the cave solve the puzzle to get both characters to the right side of the pit. On the right very carefully make your way around the pillar to the fifth treasure.
Continue up and right. The puzzles should be easy to solve.
In the next room, before grabbing the idol in the middle, explore the room. There will be a section of silver that can only be opened with an explosion during free play mode. It should give you access to the sixth treasure. Treasure 1.1.6.jpg
The idol will trigger a cut scene that should look familiar from the movie. It will also cause a rock slide to block the way you came in. However, a new door opens. Go through that door and head right. There will be a Thuggee statue that can only be opened during free play mode. It should give you access to the seventh treasure and mail parcel. To get it, go down the sloped area where the spikes were and blow up the glass case with the parcel. Then, go to the hieroglyphics and solve them to activate the bridge. Run in and grab the treasure.
Solve the puzzle to get the door open. Once you go through the door, the infamous boulder scene starts. Run towards the bottom of the screen. If you can get out safely, there will be the eighth? treasure waiting for you. Eventually, the game will not let you keep trying, it will just put you at the exit WITHOUT the treasure.
This will start a cut scene of Belloq (Jungle) taking the idol from Indy. Jock will come and he and Indy will run to the next scene. On the right and up is a very large statue of a head. Use the native's weapons to destroy its eyes. This will open the mouth and give access to the ninth treasure.
On a ledge to the far left is the final treasure.
Fixing the engine on the plane will cause a cut scene and end the level.

Into the Mountains

In the beginning, you start at the bar. Have Marion jump up to the ledge in the north and have Indy build the piano. Grab the key that drops down and carry it with you. Break all the breakables and put the key in the lock. have Marion jump to the white rope and reveal the treasure. Jump to the other rope and open the fire place. there is a place in the front of the room (near the camera) that you can go to. when you open the door, you have to fight Toht. punch him when he comes through the left or right door. drop the barrels down to leave. Throw chairs at the gunner behind the bar.

After the Bar blows up, go to the left and entre the enemy access building to get the Santa Claus special room. It also contains the parcel and a treasure. Then, ride the reindeer (llamas?) to the next cliff. Along the way look for the 3 snowmen to get another treasure (sort of like the 3 statues in the first level). Then Head Outside and use security access and free Santa Claus from the Chimney and sed the parcel. Then jump over hills then use a bazooka gun or Willie and scream then break Luke Skywalker from the ice tunnel. 2/5. Carry on and bomb a bazooka Van then you have complete a level.

Purchasable: Major Toht, Santa Claus, Brawler, Sherpa Gunner

City of Danger

The Well of Souls

Pursuing the Ark

Near the end, get anvils to kill the enemy boxer near the airplane. Hold them in front of him and he will punch them and a heart will go away. Jump into the airplane and shoot using the action key. You can blow up the troop trucks into pieces to make more anvils. Look around in Free Play mode for all the pieces to the phonograph on the north side of the area. Once he is defeated, no gory propeller scene (it's rated "E" people)!

Opening the Ark

In the beginning part with the submarine, go to the right to open the enemy access door and get to the treasure (you need to build the boat once in the room) you have to get the box of parts from the communications room to finish the water gun on the submarine. once it's done, shoot at both the green targets to raise the green triangles. go up the ladder and out of the room.

The next room is a large desert area. There are some treasures to be had, but Belloq is to the north when you've had your fill of treasures.

At the end boss battle, you must catch up to Belloq (Robes) by Marion's double-jump on to the rungs and flushing Belloq out by punching him two times. Enemy troops attack you constantly so be prepared!

The Temple Of Doom

Shanghai Showdown

Pankot Secrets

Temple of Kali

Free the Slaves

At the end when you are facing the Thuggee Slave Driver, you must get Short Round to attack the Maharajah once you've freed him from his cell.

(STAR WARS) [[ Princess Leia]] is in this level. Jump down to the place where you see the mess of silver objects and blow them up in free play mode. Soldier access will open a blast door where you free Princess Leia from her cell. After that eat the bananas in the crate and then you will blow up and earn 10,000 coins.

Escape the Mines

The Last Crusade

The Bonus Levels

Young Indy

A fun and exciting level.

However, it's only really fun in story mode. There are no treasure chests or secret areas. Super enjoyable, Get all artifacts for Raider of the Lost Ark

Ancient City

Get all artifacts for Temple of Doom


Get all artifacts for The Last Crusade