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Willie Scott

"Ever since you got in my club, you haven't been able to take your eyes off me!" -- Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
Real Name Wilhelmina Scott
Skill(s) High Jump, Scream
Phobia(s) Bugs

Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott was an American nightclub singer and actress who found some measure of success in Shanghai in the early 1930s. She had a love/hate/excessive screaming relationship with Indiana Jones.


Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott was a nightclub singer for the Obi Wan Nightclub in 1935. She was born somewhere in Midwest America. She is starred in the second Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. She is afraid of bugs and has the ability to shatter glass by screaming. ´

Role in Lego® Indiana Jones


Willie Scott appears in two Lego Indiana Jones sets. The first set is 7199 The Temple of Doom. There, she appears in her Thuggee ceremony dress. The second set is 7682 Shanghai Chase. In this set, she's depicted wearing her dinner suit.

Game character

She is available as a playable character in the video game: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. There, in that game, you can also play Marion Ravenwood and Elsa Schneider. She also appears in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues


Appearances in Lego®