Zeppelins are rigid airships. They were invented by the German Ferdinand von Zeppelin. They were much larger than the modern blimps or semi-rigid airships. The Zeppelins were usually filled with helium or hydrogen. The largest Zeppelin was the LZ-129 Hindenburg along with it's sister ship, the LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin II. Zeppelins were also used in the World War I. The production of the Zeppelins stopped in the beginning of the World War II. Zeppelins, like any airships, are controlled from a gondola (control car) in the ship's belly.

Zeppelins in Indiana Jones Edit

There was a Zeppelin in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it was called LZ-138. It looked very similar with the Hindenburg, but it had an attachment piece for an aeroplane, like the American airships of the 1930s.

In Lego Indiana Jones Edit

The fictional Zeppelin LZ-138 from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade appears in the game.